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The executive management in any organisation is responsible for steering the company in the right direction. They come up strategies, policies and procedures that guide the employees in their day to day operations. In addition to this, they are tasked with offering leadership, guidance, coaching and mentorship to junior members of staff in order to mould them into future leaders. The importance of the executive team in any organisation cannot therefore be overemphasised. Their recruitment should therefore be thorough. Organisations that are tasked with recruitment of executive management teams must prove the following.

Success rate 
If a Senior Marketing Executive is recruited and a few months later there have been no changes in the marketing department, then the company has lost a number of months that can never be recovered. They have also used the resources they have inefficiently by paying someone who is not delivering the expected results. This shows the importance of working with a recruitment agency that has a proven work record to prevent misuse of company resources and waste of time.

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Understanding of the company needs
In order to hire someone who will fit into the company culture and do their job well, the recruitment agency must understand the needs of the company. This requires in depth understanding of the position that needs to be filled, the organisation's brand position, the strategic goals and objectives of the institution and the industry in question. Without these, the recruitment agency will be ineffective in discharging its duties. 

Industry practices
Each industry has its own rules of operation. In order to recruit the most suitable candidates, a recruitment agency must have a deep understanding of the best practices in the industry, the most relevant skills and experience. This calls for a detailed study of the industry that ca only be done by dedicated and specialised employees. The recruitment agency should therefore have different departments which specialise in different industries.

A comprehensive recruitment procedure
The whole recruitment process must prove efficient in hiring the best personnel for management positions. The recruitment agency should have a comprehensive method of identifying, screening, shortlisting and interviewing the prospective employees. The recruitment agency should be able to provide a step by step process for accountability and audit purposes. This gives the firm on whose behalf the recruitment is being made the opportunity to identify what the recruitment firm can improve on.

Top management determine the success rate of the organisation which implies that the recruitment agency must perform exceptionally for proper recruitment and placement. Ensure that you compare the success rates, the level of commitment and specialisation, the fee and the recruitment process to be used before you settle on a recruitment agency.